what we do?

KINGLAND  offers a wide variety of services, including:

 Brokerage Services
Our brokers can provide you with a pricing strategy to guarantee you the highest possible marketing and consult office, retail, industrial, vacant land, commercial, or investment properties in as short a period of time as reasonably possible.

Tenant Representation
As your tenant representative, we can help you negotiate the best possible lease for your current and future needs.

Using our market knowledge, we can help you find the right space at the right rent, terms, and conditions, whether it’s around the block or around the world.

Property Management
Our unique property management service is designed to be both cost effective and take all the hassle out of property ownership - we look after ALL the details for you.

Investment Sales
Our investment specialists will assist you in the purchase or sale of a variety of commercial or residential income properties.

Whatever the requirement, from a single purchase to the sale of multiple buildings or big project, Kingland and our brokers understand the meaning of “buy low, sell high”.

Market Research
For over several years, Kingland has provided expert research services to the real estate industry.

Our market data and analysis services make up a critical piece of the Kingland success, enabling our clients to make sound and informed decisions concerning assets, investments and strategies.

Property Valuation
We provides the finest real estate appraisal services for companies, organization and individuals involved in trusts and estates. Our efforts, systems, and services are designed to offer you the highest quality appraisals and valuations while always meeting IRS deadlines.

Our staff consists only of certified, licensed appraisers as well as research assistants/analysts with significant real estate experience.

Project Marketing
We’re a focused and passionate provider of integrated marketing & sales programs created for our developer clients. We bring an in-depth knowledge of real estate presales, and we specialize in new real estate.

With staffs of experienced and visionary employees and close partners, Kingland offers a boutique, hands-on service.

From floor plans to amenity design, from marketing strategies to pricing, We have the knowledge and insight required to help developers build the best possible product for the marketplace. We add tangible value to the process and enable the sale of more real estate, faster.

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